New York World MakerFaire 2017

We’re three mechanical engineering students who have a passion for twisty puzzles and the Maker community. Our goal is to bring together the two by making interesting, challenging, but mostly fun Rubik’s cube designs and show the world that twisty puzzles don’t have to be for nerds, but they can in fact be enjoyed by anybody!

This project was started in 2015 when we all met at a Rubik’s cube competition. We quickly became friends, found out we all lived in the same area, and started to design twisty puzzles together. Since then, we’ve made many new puzzles, participated in multiple maker events and craft shows, and have been able to share our passion with as many people as possible.

All of our products go through an intense design and prototyping process at our office, right here in Ottawa, Canada.

Great puzzles start with a great imagination.

We use CAD software to design intricate mechanisms for our products.

3D Printers help bring our puzzles to life.

Each puzzle is assembled by hand and tested to ensure it meets our standards.

Professionally cut stickers: We automate our sticker plotting to ensure perfectly straight lines and beautifully rounded corners, every time.